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Originally Posted by Da_man View Post
Mines custom built, and even then, it doesn't have any original parts to it to begin with.

I'll try the Power cord from my other computer.

I think that is the problem. The fan has been going very loudly, now that you mention it. And looking back there, there is a lot of dust in the fan. Should I just open it up and blast some compressed air on the fan to clear it out?

EDIT: Alright, I downloaded PC Wizard, what exactly should I be looking for?

EDIT 2: HOLY CRAP, everything is running around 90 to 100 degrees farenhiet! That is not good.

What is the normal temp, and what should I do about this?
Your CPU isn't that hot, actually. Open your case up and dust that sucker! Dust acts as an insulator in computers and traps heat. Computers have been known to do strange things as a result of the heat.

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