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Holocaust denial = sacking?

So, I'm gonna get a bit of flack here, so let's clariffy, I know the Holocaust happened, it was a tragedy.

In the news this week was this strange dude;

Now I'm somewhat puzzled, as really does denying the Holocaust really constitute a sackable offence? I mean if I denied the Rwandan genocide, I doubt I would be sacked. What concerns me even more is for some reason the Pope has to apologise for someone else having controversial views. Now, freedom of speech slowly seems to be being killed, your clearly a nut if you don't think the Holocaust happened, but seriously, the whole point of freedom of speech is you have to put up with a lot of rubbish. But censoring un-popular views, at least to me seems dangerous, not least as are we even presenting why the evidence for the Holocaust is undeniable.

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