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I read about this particular Bishop the other day, and his opinions are very radical on the subject of The Holocaust. The Bishop's statement on the use of gas chambers wasn't as radical as saying the Holocaust didn't happen, nonetheless, I greatly disagree with him, he is nearly denying the fact on the amount of people who died. I watched a video of an interview with him, and he said a more accurate number of the Jews killed was not 6 million, but barely over 300,000. That statement is extremely radical in my opinion, and may range in the meter of punishment, or sacking. But still, he is merely voicing an opinion {that many disagree with}, still, I believe that the sacking was deserving of the situation, he was denying a massive fact of The Holocaust. The gas chambers are there in the camps, German records confirm the use of gas chambers{at least what I read}, denying such a huge event in history is just.....beyond stupidity.

you very much
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