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Stuck on Telos

I'm playing Kotor 2, and I got stuck on telos in a very weird bug.

In order to leave the planet, after I got to talk to Atris for the first time, I should talk to my team mates in the prison cells, but they aren't even there. Atton and Kreya just stand in a different room. When I try talking to Kreya nothing happens...and when I talk to Atton, I get two weird options:
1: [Cheat node] Jump to cutscene with Atris (something like that...)
2: [Cheat node] Proceed to talk to Kreya

If i choose #1 I have to talk to Atris all over again...and #2 just doesn't work

Bao Dur is laying down on his cell, and I can't talk to him either
I tried entering the Ebon Hawk to leave, but it says I must be with the other party members

anyone knows what on earth can I do?

thank you
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