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Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
Hey, thanks, I'm glad to know that even the unexcommunicating of a Bishop can be used as potshots at America. If you hadn't noticed, the actions of the Pope are not affiliated with the USA, and, several members in this topic are from the USA, and have spoken out in favor of these actions. So ya know, think before you speak.
FYI I am an American who has served in the military many moon ago. I deeply care about my country and what is happening to it right now (Socialism-Fascism). I believe that our Found Fathers had it right.

When I speak of these "Americans" I am specifically posting about the American left. Besides my post had nothing to with the Pope or the bishop being excommunication being lifted. It has do with those that think that the bishop shouldn't be fired from his job in the seminary because it it some how censoring the bishop.

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