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Back on topic....Thanks.

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Now I'm somewhat puzzled, as really does denying the Holocaust really constitute a sackable offence? I mean if I denied the Rwandan genocide, I doubt I would be sacked.
I read through the article--I think it's written to portray it as holocaust denial as the reason for the bishop getting removed. However, if you read it very closely, it mentions that the bishop does not accept Vatican II doctrines on Jews in general, mass in the vernacular, and other changes. It's more than just holocaust denial. I believe refusing to accept and conform with Vatican II, which is a major doctrine in the church, is certainly grounds for removal of a priest, especially if he's teaching at a seminary.

This quote caught my eye:
The interview took place in Germany where denying the Holocaust is an imprisonable offence.
I know Germans obviously are going to be very sensitive about this issue, but if that's not suppression of free speech there, I'm not sure what is.

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