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Originally Posted by EnderWiggin View Post
Could you give me an example as to when it becomes subversive, if this isn't the case?
In short political actions and influences becoming enactment of hostile policy.

OK. I’ll try to make a case for you.

Just so you know I have Jewish blood in my family on both sides. My personal feelings would be that of tremendous outrage. In fact on second thought/viewing of this… I’m a little irritated upon learning this and looking over it again. Still I’ll not let my emotions rule over my judgment.

Now: The extreme level of influence upon, shall we call them the impressionable goes without saying. A case of subversion would be to influence the impressionable over a span of years, maybe decades. While affecting morality, thinking, and such is a goal of bishops as it well should be (this is a leadership position after all--hence it’s what they do), there is a difference between promoting the way of Christianity, and promoting a spell of intolerance that could be the seed for much worse sentiment towards other religions, in this case Jews, down the road as time passes.

The offense would be: Overstepping bounds with regards to church and state (using these terms very loosely here) to the political enactment of policy unfavorable towards another party of religious creed which would worsen over time. With intent to, well, subvert the Jews in this case.

However, these things would obviously take time. Until effects have happened and are definitively found to show intent at the core…it’s little more than hearsay. Thus, the line of just where that offense was committed is…blurry. (Unless if it is blatantly obvious--but that’s IF.)

Maybe this is irritability towards the bishop speaking here, BUT: If the past serves as any indication and it were done again, I would say that is definitely indicative of intent, and the line has been clearly drawn--perhaps even stepped over depending on what all was done.

(EDIT: WHEN this becomes subversive is when intent is apparent. IMO this is unsettling, but his intent is not apparent yet. Certainly NOT something to be ignored, though. THAT much is for sure.)

So, Ender, I Suppose that I am open to whatever suggestion you might have.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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