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Originally Posted by Astor Kaine View Post
Why are people in the US so afraid of Socialism? A lot of things Americans take for granted is already Socialist in nature, so why does it induce people to scream 'The End is Nigh'?
because almost no one knows what it is. someone in my english class blamed the ussr's poor economy and human rights violations on them being socialist/communist (which were the same in nearly everyone else's eyes). i almost brought up tsarist russia and modern russia and how they're just as bad as soviet russia and how i'm a socialist, but i elected to hold my tongue and stay off government watchlists and remain the quiet kid in class rather than the commie subversive.

in short, the red scare never really went away, our politicians can trump anything they don't like by saying it's socialist/communist/marxist in addition to saying terrorists are quite fond of it because no one cares if it is or not and that we almost had an essentially openly socialist president in 1945 instead of truman. **** mccarthy, **** nixon they ushered in an era of cynicism, love of ignorance, and government secrecy and generally horrible **** thanks guys.

in shorter, people believe socialism is obama doing this instead of them not being ****ed by the health insurance industry and all that jazz

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