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Originally Posted by Yar-El View Post
Government controlled anything is pretty much a horrible thing.
So you're an anarchist?
I do have to agree with one thing Obama mentioned. We have to hold people accountable for the money we give them; nevertheless, I'm not sure if giving money to failing companies is being responsible. I've been watching the stock market. Its on a freefall after the Treasury spoke up about their revised plan.
It's been doing that forever, no need to panic
Socialism is not the way to go.
So, I guess we should just let the megacorporation make up all of out policies, by giving workers no civil rights whatsoever, allowing employers to make their workers labor 18 hour days. Extreme capitalism allows for a free-for-all in the economy, allowing the rich to essentially control the population, with little oppostion form the government. Let's send little Johnny to the textile mills to get a penny an hour! Oh joy, isn't capitalism great!!!
We should allow these companies to fall;
Yet if that happens, the stock market will most likely crash, triggering a global depression, meaning absolute unemployment. Sort of like what Hoover allowed.
thus, allowing us to rebuild the industrial and agricultural sector.
Agriculture is controlled by the megacorps; there is no such thing these days as the family farmer. Honestly, I think there needs to be a government-sponsored civil engineering project, much like Boulder Dam, that will create thousands of jobs, in addition to providing utilities. For example, solar and wind farms, or highway renovations.
Obama's plan will not work in the long run
They said the same thing about the New Deal, but that worked pretty damn well.
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