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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
So, I guess we should just let the megacorporation make up all of out policies, by giving workers no civil rights whatsoever, allowing employers to make their workers labor 18 hour days. Extreme capitalism allows for a free-for-all in the economy, allowing the rich to essentially control the population, with little oppostion form the government. Let's send little Johnny to the textile mills to get a penny an hour! Oh joy, isn't capitalism great!!!
Agreed, on all accounts. Capitalism is, undoubtedly, the worst economic philosophy in the long run. Does it produce results? Yes. Are the by-products and costs of it, the corporate control, the bribery, the corruption, worth it? No.

I don't trust the government. You'd be a fool to say that you do, unconditionally. But of the two evils, between the government and the corporationism, it is very, VERY much the lesser. At least with government control, we, the people, have a direct influence in what happens. With corporations, we don't. It's all about what can be done to make more money, whatever the cost.
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