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Originally Posted by Yar-El View Post
Government controlled anything is pretty much a horrible thing.
Originally Posted by Adavardes View Post
Agreed, on all accounts. Capitalism is, undoubtedly, the worst economic philosophy in the long run. Does it produce results? Yes. Are the by-products and costs of it, the corporate control, the bribery, the corruption, worth it? No.
To respond to the both of you, governments are what the people make them or let them become, corruption, bribery, and corruption are inherent in any system that isn't effectively policed by the people. To respond more specifically to Adavardes, I feel both capitalism and socialism are detrimental in the long run depending on a country's goals, generally socialism provides a stable economy, whereas capitalism provides higher growth at the cost of risking massive losses, and ideally we should strike a balance between them.

Oh yeah, I just went Eastern on your ass.


Originally Posted by Adavardes View Post
... How does Socialism breed corruption?
All forms of government are susceptible to corruption in the sense that private/individual interests can be furthered at the expense of the greater good.

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