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Just some things on Etii IV:

Child in "Enclave sublevel" (you know what I mean) starts his convo always after reloading save or reentering module.
Why does Engiiners use head of Sith Assasin?
Lots of people everywhere don't have even on line dialog. Same with Jawas on your ship. Why?
Using option "Follow the galaxy?" in 'Green Jawa' dialog finishs conversation. However, if you ask him about something different first and then you chose this line, conversation will be continued.
Missed VOs for Aliens in conversation between Devaronian and Twi'lek.
Some droids near Opo Chano don't have names.
Some Opo Chano's line aren't voiced.
Guy near room with Ogarh Kaths starts conversation every time I enter room.
No matter how long I'm trying, it's impossible to kill some guard droids in "enclave sublevel" (blast, what was "your" name of this module?)
No VOs for Bith in Docks.
Twi'lek dancer in cantina doesn't have VOs in SOME lines.
Most of aliens have missed lip synch.
Would be nice if the guy that attacked me near Ebon Hawk would have lightsaber equipped, especially I can find one in his body.
While talking to some merchant, the unknown Duros says one of lines in conversation with some of them.

Also, I'm wondering, would be possible to make Nihilus reborn cutscene as in-game cutscene? This BIK movie was terrible quality.
Talking of Nihilus reborn, I believe there was supposed to be "Sith" instead of "Syyth"?
And by the way. It's very hard to understand VOs and subtitles are hard to read with that quality.

Other than that, I love this mod again. I thought it's gonna be much worse after some things from yesterday (Harry Potter dialog. LOL), but now it's really cool again.

That's what I remember for now.
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