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Agreed, on all accounts. Capitalism is, undoubtedly, the worst economic philosophy in the long run. Does it produce results? Yes.
Are the by-products and costs of it, the corporate control, the bribery, the corruption, worth it? No.
Look at the world, which parts of it have been doing good? Capitalism (or, the practicall examples of it anyway) is a wonderfull way of increasing the wealth of all citzens in a society. Of course, it dosen't do it fairly, so the income gap betwen rich and poor end up high. So, how is a system that creates oodles of wealth "undoubtedly the worst economic philosophy in the long run"?

But I don't see that happening, so I'll go with the option that takes out the factor of corporate leeches that suck the life out of civilians and breed many social and political evils, such as conformism, wealth gaps, and overseas slave labour.
Lets instead enjoy having government leeches, and the evils they bring, like lack of inovation, slow growth, lower quality products etc

Government controlled anything is pretty much a horrible thing. I do have to agree with one thing Obama mentioned. We have to hold people accountable for the money we give them; nevertheless, I'm not sure if giving money to failing companies is being responsible. I've been watching the stock market. Its on a freefall after the Treasury spoke up about their revised plan.
If you are talking about giving cash too carmakers and their ilk, agreed, they can fall without causing much long term damage. The financial sector on the other hand fuels the rest of the economy, and alowing big parts of it to fall would mean alowing a lot of profittable companies to fall with them.

Socialism is not the way to go. We should allow these companies to fall; thus, allowing us to rebuild the industrial and agricultural sector.
Err, why would you want to rebuild your industry? It seems to be working alright to me, focusing on what it's best at. As for Agriculture, I hope your idea of alowing companies to fall aplies here too, because a lot will fall if you cut their subsidies, which IMO would be good in the long run.

@jmac: Tsarist Russia, yes, modern Russia, no. As much as I hate our current administration, they aren't that bad, yet
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