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"Meditating again?" he leaned against the tree. "If you're that worried about conserving energy, I recommend performing small exercises like climbing trees to increase you chakra capacity... Though even I am too lazy to do that."

Asuka shot her eyes open, and glanced up at Kaneda, and gasped. After she staggered up, she placed her hand behind her head and smiled nervously. "Oh! Hiya, Kaneda! Yes. Meditating! Ha! How silly of me. I was just... um... enjoying the fresh air!" When she opened her eyes and looked at Kaneda, her big smile turned to a frown.

"Okay... ya caught me. But ya know... I've been kinda down lately, because I really want to help someone in need." Asuka sighed. "Guess I'll never be a well-known Chunin like everyone else..."

She sunk back down on the grass, looking down.
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