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I should go.
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Akagi couldn't help but eavesdrop from his position.

Guess I'll never be a well-known Chunin like everyone else...

That perked his ears up.

He looked towards Asuka.

"We should not attempt to help others just to achieve fame. We need to help where help is needed, and for no ulterior motive. Altruism is rare in these times, but it can be achieved. You have many years ahead of you, young Asuka. You should not rush into a fight too quickly."

Akagi smiled and turned back to cleaning his beloved blade. There was nothing really to clean on it, it glimmered brightly in the sun due to it's cleanliness.

An idea came to his mind on how to occupy this time between the next struggle.

He stood, sheathing his blade. He looked to Asuka,"Asuka, in order to pass the time..."

"...I challenge you to a practice duel. Your Katana's versus my Daisho."

you very much
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