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"Takeda, Karela, I would like it if you would both leave the room while I tell her what happend. This is something I don't Like to discuss with people."

"As you wish Hokage," Takeda said as he bowed to Naruto.

Takeda exited the room and looked over to Karela.

"I sincerely apologize for abandoning my post but I must make sure the samurai is safe and will not harm the others. You seem to trust this girl, and I trust your judgment so she must be safe... I almost forgot, Kaneda will be leading a mission to some burial site. It would appear that some savages are wrecking the eco system there. I do hope you will join us, but I must be going." Takeda bowed to Karela before leaving.

Takeda walked around wondering where he would find this sword wielder when he was stopped by a voice.

"We should not attempt to help others just to achieve fame. We need to help where help is needed, and for no ulterior motive. Altruism is rare in these times, but it can be achieved."

"Such powerful words," Takeda thought to himself as he turned his head in the direction of the voice.

It was the samurai. He was very wise from what Takeda had just heard and this made Takeda curious. Takeda moved over to where Kaneda, Asuka, and the samurai were.

"I challenge you to a practice duel. Your Katana's versus my Daisho."

Takeda took a seat and decided to watch the duel. He would have loved to have fought in that duel, just to learn how a samurai fights. He could still learn by watching but he preferred to experience these things by doing.
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