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Originally Posted by Da_man View Post
Misread astro's post by accident. Okay, any other suggestions beyond the PSU thing? I don't think I can replace it without damaging my system.
PSUs are easily interchangeable, they plug into the mainboard and your drives. To replace, unplug. Easy. No engineering skills required. As niner mentioned, those temps arent that bad, though you'd have to monitor temp changes when the pc is at work (eg. gaming/folding), to get a better idea of whether a component is overheating. Folding can definitely strain your CPU or GPU.

Also worth thinking about though, seeing you mentioned you have a 3 year old xp setup, surely a good old dissassemble/dust/reformat can get rule out that it isnt a beleagured old install you have at the root of your problems. Hopefully, you have an xp cd around... Like cars, PCs could do with a good tune up at least twice a year


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