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Er, are the commoners standing around on the
Coruscant main street
supposed to not say anything at all? I mean, I've encountered that a lot in this game, but . . . only a very few of them--
like the Chancellor's pilot, an Irodorian merc, and a Mandalorian
--who all have dialogue cutscene tree things instead of just the box in the corner--say anything at all. It just seems a bit . . . unnatural. I looked in the Override folder and at the dlg module things under KotOR Tool, but didn't see much, so maybe it's just not there.

So, just wondering.

Side note: I don't know if it's a bug for me, or whether it's just not in this mod, but I can't change my party except by reentering the ship and leaving again. And you can't equip party members on
the Eagle

Is it my game, or is it just not integrated into this mod?

I'd really appreciate any answers! ^_^

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