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Originally Posted by HK-42 View Post
Hey, anyone know how I can edit the doors in the jedi enclave to make them open. The ones behind the ebon hawk and to the sides. I know they can open by using Star Admirals open door band...this also applies to the door in Dredshae(korriban).
Just a guess, as I have not looked at the .git - but I would guess that those "doors" are not doors at all, but are simply part of the .mdl made to look like doors.

I once used Mr.Defender's Armband to open every door I came across... led to some interesting results in TSL on the Ravager. I cannot recall if I tested the Dantooine Landing Pad "doors" with it, but I believe that if you do open those doors, you will not find anything but skybox material or shadows.

Are you wanting to use the doors as a link to a new area? You may have better luck in that case using a placeable computer console by the door in question, and use the console to warp you to whatever module you want to link there. 2c.
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