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Originally Posted by qui_gon_glenn View Post
Just a guess, as I have not looked at the .git - but I would guess that those "doors" are not doors at all, but are simply part of the .mdl made to look like doors.

I once used Mr.Defender's Armband to open every door I came across... led to some interesting results in TSL on the Ravager. I cannot recall if I tested the Dantooine Landing Pad "doors" with it, but I believe that if you do open those doors, you will not find anything but skybox material or shadows.

Are you wanting to use the doors as a link to a new area? You may have better luck in that case using a placeable computer console by the door in question, and use the console to warp you to whatever module you want to link there. 2c.
Yeah they open with armbands thats why I hoped I could get them to open another way. I believe Redhawke used a computer on ORD Mantel with the Korriban Module, and I did the same on Ryloth. I was hoping I could find a work around though.

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