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"If you do plan to look for them...I honestly wouldn't know where to start looking. We heard about a few rumored sightings a few years ago, but we haven't heard anything recently."

Kit...let me out...she has a sealed beast inside her...I want to kill her

No. You screwed up the night you went on a rampage. You have no rights here anymore.

Let me out or I'll kill you

You are sealed in there tighter then Tsunade's coin purse. you aren't getting out anytime soon

Naruto grimanced as the fox roared in his head.

"Sorry about that, he gets angry sometimes. Anyway, If you do want to start looking for survivors, I would recomend starting your search in the Village Hidden in the Stone and The Hidden Rain village. Those two village deal with outlaws and refugees the most often. If your friends stopped there at anytime, you should be able to get some information."
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