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The 'commoners' were actually a very late addition to the game. Basically Coruscant just looked a bit too empty and I had to fill it up with something.

I've actually reflected on this and decided I would have prefered the planet a little smaller. Probably just the market street with the landing pads at one end, the slums at the other, and both the temple and senate connected to the one street.
Don't do it - Coruscant is well as it is. Athrough it would be nice to have some more quests there.
You could make a "train" to travel around the city - like it was in Arcanum - so you can select which module you want to go and there's no need to pass two modules to reach your destination.
I've posted some more bugs on your forum, so I won't be repeating myself here.
Yesterday night I've finished the mod and it's great. Can't wait for the patch!
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