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Originally Posted by Trex View Post
Fair enough.
Would anyone find it too weird if the likes of Bastila, Canderous and HK47 had different voices? Not too different, I would try and stick to a certain sound/tone/style, but as they are, I don't think I could ever have all their lines voiced.
I wouldn't mind, as a matter of a fact, I could do the voicing of a character or two. I have plenty of time to voice lines. though others might argue against the revoicing of the KOTOR characters. Even if no one else wants those party members voiced, I can do others (commoners, republic guards, medical staff etc). If you want, I can send you a couple of voice files so you can find exactly what I could voice.

For anyone else interested in voice acting, if you can't quite get a proper accent, try looking up some voice altering programs online, you'd be surprised by how many free ways you can help better mod your voice for free.

Bastila will be hard though unless we can find a European woman, or atleast someone who can fake it good enough. Her voice change could easily be explained by her advancing in age. (along with canderous).

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