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First off great job man. Very well done.

Now up 1st bug is that everytime i try to get to either arpeture station or aid station and landed it wont let me leave the ship. It wont let me like click on the spot where you take the ship in for landing i have to warp there using cheats :/

2nd: When im on SPOILER: Coruscant during the final battle it wont let me through the doors to the temple i again have to warp. Plus during that war when im hk and canderous. After there chat there is nothing else to do. Wont let me through the door near them and the room that the tunnel leads to...nothing happens.

3rd when im on coruscant for the 1st time and im looking for the guy thats for SPOILER: shadows quest It wont show theres a lot of adverts around.

4th SPOILER: When revan is on the ship and i check the cameras to view his and canderous's convo. All thats said his Revan : Yes canderous? then its done and i see canderous in his underwear...if i view it again it adds ANOTHER canderous there so theres 2 there now. Same thing happens with mira and hk convo except! I can see the entire convo but hk is still standing there and adds up if i keep looking at that camera convo.

Many bugs but still great mod.
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