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Originally Posted by Codiey View Post
Now up 1st bug is that everytime i try to get to either arpeture station or aid station and landed it wont let me leave the ship. It wont let me like click on the spot where you take the ship in for landing i have to warp there using cheats :/
Have you tried going to the upper "wing"? There is an exit to the station or other non-planetary areas there.

2nd: When im on:
Coruscant during the final battle it wont let me through the doors to the temple i again have to warp. Plus during that war when im hk and canderous. After there chat there is nothing else to do. Wont let me through the door near them and the room that the tunnel leads to...nothing happens.
For the first thing here, Trex posted a solution for that problem in this thread, as I had a similar problem. As for the second... try loading an autosave and going through the module again.
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