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Originally Posted by Codiey View Post

Now up 1st bug is that everytime i try to get to either arpeture station or aid station and landed it wont let me leave the ship. It wont let me like click on the spot where you take the ship in for landing i have to warp there using cheats :/
For stations or anything your docked with, the exit is in the right arm/wing of the ship.

For the temple problem, see my reply to xenon_gun above having the same problem.

Originally Posted by Codiey View Post

2nd: When im on SPOILER: Coruscant during the final battle it wont let me through the doors to the temple i again have to warp. Plus during that war when im hk and canderous. After there chat there is nothing else to do. Wont let me through the door near them and the room that the tunnel leads to...nothing happens.
This'll be because you warped (I think). Do the above fix and play through regularily and I think it should be fine.

Originally Posted by Codiey View Post

4th SPOILER: When revan is on the ship and i check the cameras to view his and canderous's convo. All thats said his Revan : Yes canderous? then its done and i see canderous in his underwear...if i view it again it adds ANOTHER canderous there so theres 2 there now. Same thing happens with mira and hk convo except! I can see the entire convo but hk is still standing there and adds up if i keep looking at that camera convo.
I think I know what all those will be and I'll have to solve it in the first patch. Thanks for mentioning it.

Originally Posted by kash View Post
I just saw the ending video when you know who destroys you know what and the movie clip finishs the game starts to load and then a error report pops up and it crashs what is the problem?
I'm afraid I'm not too sure what to suggest for that one. The only thing I can think of is to try playing through the last fight again and see if the problme reaccurs.

Originally Posted by zbyl2 View Post
I'm getting little problem... after playing as
green Jawa that turned into Rancor!
, it loaded another module and I see just black screen. Tried reloading but it didn't help.
EDIT: nvm I restarted game and it helped.

They're ten years older, it's logical they voices changed. Only problem would be HK-47 as droids don't aging... but it'd be better to get more VOs anyway.
This seems to be a reacurring problem I'll have to fix in the first patch. Basically ootataa changes to Revan before warping and both things happening at once seems to get the game stuck.

You can either wait for the first patch or play through the ootataa fight again and hopefully it'll work right.

Originally Posted by jedi_christian View Post
Hoi I am kinda new here and I heard of this mod a few months ago. Now is the mod playable?(I mean; aren't there too much bug's?)
The mod is fully playable, but I'd wait a couple of days for the first patch if you can.

I think I'll try and include as many voices with it as I can as well.

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