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The Squad

I had a weird idea strike me yesterday. I've only written an intro, but tell me what you think. Since I can't get most of you to comment, I've added a Poll, but left it private so no one will know if you did or not for all those lurkers

The Squad

I yawned, running my fingers through my hair. It was cold today in Vegas, and I dreaded putting on a coat, considering it would be shirt sleeve weather in a few hours. The cat that came by only to be fed yowled outside my window and I opened a can of food, dumping it in a dish as I went out. He had me well trained, only the shredded food, nothing else.

There were several people in the back of the 7-11 and something was cowering away from them. The cashier was on the phone, but dropped it when I walked in. “Captain Morgan! They’ll kill it!”

I looked at the crowd, and sighed. “Bobbie, I’m not even on duty yet.” I turned toward them, and said. “Excuse me!” No one was paying attention. “HEY!”

They froze, then moved away. There was a small figure curled up against the corner between the coolers. About two and a half feet tall, he looked like Hoggle from Labyrinth, one of Faerie kind by his look.

“I know there’s a reason for this, so is someone going to explain? Or will I just have to call a wagon to take the lot of you away?”


“He.” I interrupted. “From his dress at least.”

“All right.” The spokesman agreed with clenched teeth. He looked like a day laborer, almost as broad across the shoulders as he was tall. “He went through all of the half and half!”

I looked at the stand where the dozen or so coffee urns were. Every one of the individual sized half and half servings were scattered empty. Some of the flavored ones had also been opened, and I sighed with relief to see he had left the mocha alone.

“When did he come in, Bobbie?”

“About half an hour ago. He asked if he could have some of the half and half so I said sure, help yourself. I didn’t expect him to go through all of them!”

“So, a simple misunderstanding.” I nodded. “Come here.”

The little figure came toward me as if expecting to be kicked. “You know the deal, that hasn’t changed, right?” He nodded. “So ask Bobbie what needs to be done. Besides,” I knelt to look him in the eye. “If you can come to an agreement, Bobbie might give you a handful of them every day.”

“You think so?” The voice was deep, like listening to James Earl Jones.

“Bobbie you know how the deal works don’t you?” Bobbie, who hailed from the ghettos of Chicago looked confused. I sighed. “Faerie of his race used to do good deeds in return for milk. He’s had enough to owe you a couple days of work easy.”

“What, you mean like a panhandler offering to sweep the property?”

“Something like that. He’ll clean, wash pots, stock the shelves, all in return for what you’ve allowed him to have. As long as you‘re polite and thank him.”


“They are honest creatures. They feel they owe you something in return for the milk.”

“But why milk?”

“They like it. It’s sort of like a drug to them. It makes them feel good, but isn’t addictive or anything like that.” I looked around. “Now the rest of you have something you’re supposed to be doing, right?” My grin could only be charitably called a smile if you think a wolf’s snarl is a smile. They found other places to be.

I poured my coffee, warned Bobbie about the chocolate derived coffee creamers, and left. Lucky for me I live only a dozen blocks from the station. As I walked I watched the flights coming out a McCarren. A 757, then a 737. Next was a red dragon. Odd, I looked at my watch. The 7:30 dragon was running late today.

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