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here is my strategy:
1.i send darth vader to keep obiwan in one place while i have bombers come in or i attack obiwan with spma-t's during the battle
2. i use bombing runs to weaken attack forces when retreating
3.keep ataa near atat (1-2 atat need 1 ataa; 3-5 atat need 3 ataa; 6+ atat need 4+ataa)
4. use atat to transport troops to a reinforcement point then deploy stormy's
5.NEVER have an atat alone in a weak force cause chewie can get u in deep trouble if he takes over the atat
6.always try to defend what u have taken on the field (even if you HAVE to use turrets)
7. spma-t's work well when behind a shield or being defended behind a force (do not use for an assult force)
8. use scout troopers like what they were meant for: to SCOUT

and those are my imperial pointers
P.S. use my tactics with other tactics because these alone do not help you win
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