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Okay, I think I can say at least a few coherent things.

Well, I'm still trying to absorb all of the story stuff, but I can report some bugs, just so you know it's there. Though it could be my stupid computer. Windows, in all its stupidity, occasionally screams about pointless things. Like DEP. That thing is evil. I keep having to turn it off for both KotOR games and big installed mods for them.


I guess there's gonna be a lot of whitened-out spoilers?

Just in case.

I'll separate it by planet and stuff though.

A: General problems
A1: Not really a bug, but it would be a lot more interesting if the people standing around in various places had lines, in the little box in the upper left corner or not, and voiced or not. I don't care. It's just not as interesting. Not necessary, just something.

A2: A lot of the dialogue trees don't loop back to previous options. You have to talk to someone repeatedly to ask all the questions. Just a minor annoyance, nothing big. But a thought.

A3: Again, not a bug, and maybe not something that can be done, considering it was said it makes the plot stuff easier, but it would be great if the party members could be changed out without re-entering the ship and leaving with a different party.

A4: It would also be helpful if you could equip your party members inside the Eagle. Having to exit with different party members constantly, then finding a workbench to upgrade their stuff--or having to unequip their things outside of the ship and then going back inside to upgrade them--is pretty annoying, as is only being able to equip two party members at a time. In the KotOR games, I generally look at everybody overall, deciding what items could be best used with who. Kind of hard going back and forth. Sometimes I write all their stats in a notebook just so I can keep track, but that's a little annoying, too. My hand always cramps up soon after I start writing. (I'm an idiot who can't get rid of the unconscious habit of gripping my writing utensils tightly and pressing hard on the page all the time.)

A5: I notice other people have said this too, but when I tried to recruit Gellan, it didn't work very well. Training Lolma after recruiting her was a bit messed up, too.
A5i: I waited until really far in the game to start recruiting because I wanted to know who all four possible recruits were. Eventually I thought I probably wouldn't have much more of a chance before the plot got to the point of no return, so I went back to M4-78 to recruit Lolma, who I had rather liked. Other than her, I'd only met Gellan and that Sith Sunrider--Oh, I think she was called D'naath--so I chose Gellan, D'naath being rather . . . well . . . Dark Side-y. (I always play Light Side. Tried a Dark Side game, once. With KotOR I. Years ago. Got as far as Dia just next apartment over from mine on Taris and felt so sick it wasn't even funny. What's so great about being evil, anyway?) So, I go to recruit Gellan. I'd given Lolma the single-bladed apprentice lightsaber, so I gave Gellan the double-bladed one. And . . . nothing much happened. He faded out of the spot he'd been standing on and faded in to the side (as happens when you get new party members in all the games pretty much), and new dialogue options came up, but he wasn't on my party screen, and there was no Korriban training. Other people have had this bug, too, it seems.

A5ii: I don't think I ever saw Thrassk out on any of the worlds or in any of the stations. But when I recruited Lolma, instantly I was transported to Korriban, where Kreia had this little speech or something (I can't remember things to clearly the first time always), and Lolma and I were transported into the Sith Academy, where we met Freedon Nadd, had to fight ghost guys, then went up the ramp. Or maybe we were transported again? I don't remember. So Freedon Nadd says something about fighting against yourself, and there's four Thrassks there. I didn't know who he was or what "against yourself" was about. I guess that was supposed to happen if you brought Thrassk to train. Only it got messed up.
By the way, was I supposed to be with Lolma in the Academy? From stuff Kreia says, I got the impression that I wasn't. But I was.
A6: Whenever entering a module that, the first time, or sometimes, had a short cutscene of some kind, it would play every time I entered, even when it shouldn't be active. When I entered that residential area on Etti IV, the kid would talk to me. Well, not after the time he warned me about the Gamorrean. He disappeared after that. The "repressurizing" thing came up every time I entered the Eagle, even when I came in from the docking port. Although when I had just traveled to another planet and the module was reloaded I was still standing by the bridge, like I should have been, and the repressurizing thing didn't fire.

B: The Eagle

B1: As Codiey said, the cutscenes you see when you check the computer cameras are pretty buggy. I ended up with two or three HKs hanging around Mira doing nothing, three Canderouses hanging around Revan in their underwear doing nothing, and a cut off cutscene between Revan and Canderous that never worked. (One Canderous for every attempt.) Also, the cutscenes often seemed to take place in areas of the ship I doubt they would have happened in, storyline consistency-wise. And often when I checked a camera, I'd get a brief view of a party member somewhere before I got either the cutscene or the "no significant activity" message.

Errr.......I'm going to just list a few of the major ones now and then go away. My brain gets kind of mushy if I don't do something really interesting for too long . . . I'll come back later and say more . . .

Mostly in my brain right now is the problems I had toward the end of the game. All those cutscenes, one right after another, reloading module after module, got kind of buggy. The wrong person would show up--well, that only happened once or twice, I think--and often the game would freeze in the middle of loading the new area. I got it to work if I restarted the game, but I had to rewatch some of the previous cutscenes because there wasn't an autosave between every one.

Although I will say that I really liked all of the different characters and their different missions toward the end. It really added dimension to the story. And party members rock. I like party members. I like the KotOR I party members best. They're awesome.

But having all those different missions, like I said, was really fun. Everybody playing their own parts that suited their characters and stuff was great.

So, here's what I have for now. It's probably more than enough for one post anyway. I tend to post so long on forums that nobody will read all the way through. It's rather sad, really.

But for who? Is it sad that I post ridiculously long? Or is just sad that people haven't got the patience to read much?

Really, that's sad.

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