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For those of you who follow this stuff, pay attention to this particular article. Bill Clinton was responsible for this whole mess by signing the Wolrd Trade Agreement in the early 1990s. There is a legal clause that says The United States cannot buy United States produced goods and services. I will try to find the agreement for you as proof. We can be legally sued by other nations.
Err, no, the state can't be sued for buying American goods and services in itself, what it can be sued for is if it requires the goods and services it purchases to be American.

This should get people mad. We are not allowed to invest in United States products and services due to the WTO agreements. America cannot buy American. How do you stimulate the US economy by not investing in the US economy?
By investing in the US, the economy isn't too bothered if a bridge is built by a Chineese firm, as it'll produce the same result, including jobs (with the exception of some management jobs), for a lower price.

Trade is the solution?
Yes, and I sugest you read some basic economics if you think trade hurt the economy.

We can't Buy American and try to stabilize ourselves?
Stabilize? As in the stabilization brought by a protectionist spiral?

Do we live in the freeworld?
Yes,where you should have equall oportunities whether you are an Egyptian or American company.

Does the President have a say, or is he just a figure head sitting home
Obama comes from the Chicago school of economics, I'm fairly certain his protectionism was just a vote winning strategy.

G7 is going to tell you what you can invest in.
Nope, just that you can't discriminate against producers based on nationality.

It won't be American.
It will, if American companies are better than their compettetors.

Is anyone else ready for a Revolution?
Sure, in my current country.

Congratulations Obama, If you prevent the "buy American" bill from passing, you might be remembered as the guy who prevented protectionist hell if nothing else.
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