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Akagi smiled as Kaneda charged. He met his opponent's sword quickly. But he also saw Asuka begin to move behind and strike.

Ahhh, you are clever indeed, thought the Samurai.

He jumped high despite his heavy armor, at the same time moving his armored gauntlet across the soft side of Asuka's blade as he jumped up. Asuka had much power in her strike, but she had yet to control the blade properly. Because of this, the movement of Akagi's hand forced the blade down, narrowly missing the edge of Akagi's armor.

He took note that Asuka may have failed to strike him, but was a force to be reckoned with.

He drew his second katana, he then used his left leg to kick towards Kaneda's gut, using the momentum of the kick to propel himself towards Asuka, second katana at the ready.

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