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Knights of the Old Republic – Allegiances

Knights of the Old Republic – Allegiances

Deep in the far reaches of the Outer Rim, the planet Gamorr and its moon reside eerily isolated. Forests and tundra occupy most of the planet’s surface; thus, covering up any evidence of a long forgotten war. Assortment of wildlife hunt in open fields, exotic jubba birds rule the skies, and aquatic gundarks command the open seas. Memories of the Great Sith War have been covered by years of reforestation, and its various inhabitants have enjoyed years of comfort and peace. So it may seem --

Underneath the layers of Gamorr’s forestation, the planet’s prime meridian holds one of Mandalore the Ultimate’s greatest secrets. Reaching twenty stories deep into the earth, the prison facility Dredge houses traitors, criminals, and spies. Elongated corridors separate rows of cells, bars of titanium secure prisoners, and the most violent species to live stands vigilant. Mandalore’s arrival to Gamorr was welcomed by warring factions of Gamorreans; thus, giving the Mandalorians an opportunity to seize control. Gamorreans were too involved with inner fighting to realize their enslavement. Rehabilitation was swift and horrific. Each of the remaining Gamorreans were put through extensive hours of conditioning; thus, creating the most lethal guards ever known. Armed only with a crude axe, the Gamorreans could overtake any opposition.

Walking with a sense of authority, the prison warden and a female guest strolled through the corridors. Prisoners watched quietly as the two passed; however, the occasional hand reached out for a sign of hope. Men, women, and children from around the galaxy were gathered into the iron confinement known as Dredge. Filthy faces of despair ascended from the dark corners of cells. Each one carried the scars of long years in solitary.

Nephthys stood slightly taller than average, she wore a tight leather jacket, black clad jeans, and an occupied gun holster. Her long blonde hair was tied back and swayed at shoulder length. “I was told the prisoners were ready for transport,” she questioned, “why has there been a delay?”

“We were not expecting your arrival,” the warden replied, “Mandalore is very secretive when dealing with bounty hunters.”

Nephthys gave a slight chuckle, “Mandalore agreed to their release for military supplies. The Exchange doesn’t take well in the delay of trials.”

“If I may be so bold,” the warden asked, “What did these men do to tick off the Exchange?”

Stopping in front of a cell, Nephthys responded, “They were born.”

“Ah, here we are,” the warden spoke, “Prisoner 147338, 147339, and 147340.” With a quick nod to the guards, the warden summoned three massive sized Gamorreans. “We leave the shock braces on until they are secured aboard your ship.”

“Very well”, Nephthys responded with a nod of her own.

Reaching the top level took some time, but the cool fresh air was welcomed. Nephthys waited in the elevator as the warden and guards escorted the prisoners out. Hard lessons were learned over the years while dealing with Mandalorians, and this wasn’t the time to make exceptions. Two more meters until we are outside, Nephthys reminded herself.

“We will reach your ship soon,” the warden broke through the silence, “Do you have any questions?”

Nephthys responded, “Yes, What type of crimes did they do?”

“Prisoner 147338’s ,” the warden replied, “She was arrested for challenging the authority of Mandalore. Prisoner 147339’s was captured defending a group of children.”

Nephthys glanced at the third prisoner, and asked, “What about him?”

“Prisoner 147340,” the warden responded with a personal curiosity, “was responsible for leading an uprising of sorts.”

All eight party members arrived at the landing pad, and the Gamorrean guards started towards an old 578-R Space Transport. Its exterior design gave a false illusion; thus, projecting the image of a small freighter. Three large engines filled the back, dark brown battle scared paint wrapped the frame, and an entry hatch and ramp opened to the landing pad.

“Secure them down in the cargo hold,” Nephthys commanded, while she stopped at the prison entrance. “I must thank you warden,” she commented with a slight bow. “The Exchange will not forget what you have done today. Mandalore will receive his supplies as requested.”

“It was my pleasure,” the warden replied, “I hope this will continue with strengthening our relationship.”

“Well, I must be going,” Nephthys responded, and then she proceeded to leave. Making her way towards the transport ramp, she spotted the three Gamorrean escorts departing from the ship. Seconds after her entry, she punched a wall control, and the ramp closed behind her.

Nephthys raced to the bridge, climbed into the pilot’s chair, and launched the transport skyward. Each of the three engines exploded with full thrust; thus, launching the ship swiftly through the atmosphere. Within two heartbeats of a moment, they were safely moving through hyperspace.

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