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Wow. That was laughable. My favorite part of the article was, "Alfie said he, 'thought it would be good to have a baby' and [that he would] 'take care of it.'"

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Don't see why everyone's getting so shocked about the boy's proclamation that he will take care of the baby. It's not like he's living out on the streets of a foreign country now, he'll do fine: he has his parents and his erm, the baby's mom.
I disagree, Sabre. Though he may live with his parent's, the father is still a child, and not yet even in high school/college (not great points in one's life to have children, I think, but the points in this case are used as markers)! The point being is that he is neither physically or mentally mature enough in order to take care of a child, in my opinion, and nor should he attempt to.
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