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Theoretical shortage in chocolate causing large scale riot

I suppose the timing of this couldn't be more appropriate...or ridiculous...still trying to figure that one out... (and I think I'll figure that one out when this thread is out)

I just watched a documentary (courtesy the history channel on the cocoa plants and all the stuff we have come to depend upon at large, if not entirely altogether, for that beloved sweet thing we call chocolate.
At one section it was recalled how 75% of crops were at one point destroyed due to some disease/fungus. This was early on in chocolate production, and it caused a stir. Back then, it was a commodity fiercely and viciously guarded and/or fought for. Nowadays with consumption of cocoa as high as it has ever been (and climbing as we speak) I found it mind boggling if we were to have such a similar shortage in cocoa supply today on today's scale and in today's numbers.

I believe such a shortage (losing 3/4 of our cocoa crops) would be disastrous. Such a thing as chocolate is so integrated and utterly consumed in modern society, that I think people would go off the deep end. I think this is potentially serious enough to consider for real because:
1) People love chocolate
2) People are addicted to sweets far more than any drugs, alcohol, etc.
(something on the order of approaching that of Aztec tales of consumption); not the least of which is chocolate
3) the extremes of withdrawal from said addiction could go from mild to extreme--as in literally killing for a candy bar.

While it may be short lived, and over time taper off/die down, I still see an undeniable potential for an out-lash in this theoretical situation.

What do you think, and why? Discuss.

(EDIT: ANY economic speak is also welcome!!!)

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