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Originally Posted by nizwiz View Post
Strange, I'd swear I fought three Jedi at that point (it's after riding the elevator, right?).
Originally Posted by Mercenary View Post
Yeah there should be 3 jedi in the pod parking lot. There's a target counter that will trigger the next event when all 3 jedi have been killed. If you don't see the 3rd jedi anywhere restart the level.
Yeah that's what I thought too. I did notice 3 beings standing by or near the airspeeder that took off and flew away in the cutscene before you fight them. Strange.
I guess perhaps maybe it's because I used god & noclip cheat codes to get over to that elevator. I've noticed in certain custom add on levels / maps / mods that things do tend to go awry with certain cheat codes turned on. I will replay that portion of the level without using anything special and see what happens and report back.
Thanks nizwiz & Mercenary.

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