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Gerris Hashthrak fought with the hologram for five straight hours, and the world outside seemed to fade away. Right in the middle of his battle, the alarm started to sound at the prison. Something exploded on one of the prison’s landing pads, and a group of Mandalorians and Gamorreans gathered at the site.

Another ship had landed close by, and the access ramp dropped down. Two Mandalorian soldiers and a tall robbed figure exited the craft. All three passengers made their way to the scene, and the robbed figure asked, “Where is the Warden? What happened here?”

“There was a prison escape sir,” one of the Mandalorian’s replied, “The Warden was killed in the explosion.”

“General,” the robbed figure’s voice commanded deeply, “I want you to deal with this mater. Mandalore will not be pleased.”

“Very well sir,” the General replied, and with a quick pivot he strolled away. “I don’t know why Mandalore keeps that Sith around,” the General thought, “We are warriors. We breathe for battle. What does a Sith know about battle?” With a tap on his right wristband, the General activated the prison intercom, “Hashthrak and Gantral report to Landing Pad 118. I have a job for you.”

Hashthrak and Gantral arrived at Landing Pad 118 in time to see the clean up crews at work. Each soldier wore their customized Mandalorian armor, carried their rifles leisurely in one hand, and their helmet in the other. Scorched marks from a small explosive device could be seen streaked across the pad. General Karm noticed the approaching soldiers and acknowledged them, “Hashthrak and Gantral over here please.”

Both soldiers moved diligently to Karm’s side. “We had a prison break a few moments ago,” the General continued, “Prisoner 147338, 147339, and 147340 were assisted by an unknown female. She introduced herself as a member of the Exchange, and the Warden didn’t think twice to check her credentials.” Karm stopped for a moment, and pointed around the scene. Sitting near the pad’s end was a corpse, and several organs spilled across the ground. “As you can see,” the General commented, “He has paid the price for his ignorance. We need you both to bring them back.”

Hashthrak replied coldly, “Very well sir.”

“Take the Hoersch-Kessel on the east patform and bring them back to Gamorr” the General commanded, “Oh, Hashthrak bring them back alive this time.”

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