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"Yes sir." Gerris stated simply.

At least it was better than sitting around here he thought. Gerris turned and walked into the complex. As soon as he got inside he went around the corner with Gantral trailing behind he stopped. "Kashthrak? What the hell are you--?!" Gerris brought a armored fist to his companions helmet, battering him.

He quickly drew out a fusion cutter from a nearby panel and cut off a small service panel. "Enjoy your stay."

Gerris shoved the younger soldier into the small opening and closed up the panel. He'd survive, but be out cold long enough for Gerris to get out of here. He would complete the hunt solo. All the more fun for him. He quickly sprinted to the east platform and boarded the Hoersch-Kessel, then, initiating the launch sequence, he sat down at the bridge control panel. Within seconds he was outside the atmosphere.

He went over to the sensor relay control panel and pulled the cover off. He quickly altered the detection array and realigned it with the plasma discharger. Using this adapted sensor he would be able to follow the ships plasma signature. It seems the hyperdrive signature was also still visible as he quickly altered his course to mimic the previous journey.

He was glad to finally feel the adrenaline and then put the ship into auto-pilot. He knew so little about this assignment . . .

As far as he was concerned the warden had betrayed Mandalore by his ignorance. He'd paid dearly, but they'd lost the prisoners. Not that it much concerned him, he was just glad to leave that place.

Then a thought came to mind. "Whats stopping me from pointing my ship at the nearest Mandalorian fleet and joining the war . . . ?"

After a few minutes of silent contemplation he dismissed such thoughts. His superiors had saw fit to assign him to such a trivial task and as pathetic as it was he would not cower from his duties, nor fail Mandalore. Suddenly a ship came into view . . .

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