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Largas sat in his Lethisk-class armed freighter, looking out towards space. He was on a mission by the Exchange to kill a few prisoners on the planet Gamorr. He had just exited hyperspace and flew towards the planet.

He landed on a landing pad and opened the boarding ramp. Two Mandalorian soldiers ran towards his ship, and as soon as he got out they aimed their blaster rifles at him.

"Calm down," Largas said, slowly putting his hand on his blaster. "I work for the Exchange, and I'm here to pick up three prisoners."

"He works for the Exchange? But..." one Mandalorian said, but got interrupted by the other one.

"Quiet, you moron! The woman was lying!"

"What woman?" Largas asked, looking a bit confused.

"The other woman," the mandalorian said. "She picked up all three prisoners, and flew off in a 578-R transport."

"Sithspit!" Largas said. He ran back into his ship, closing the boarding ramp on his way to the cockpit. He sat down in the pilots chair and started the engines and flew off.

While the ship was flying he opened a commlink to his exchange friends on the nearest inhabitated planets. He told them to help him stop the 578-R's coming through, and call him when they found one. Then he saw a ship right in front of him. He followed it..
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