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"Well you mentioned you altered the pumps in any way possible, so I guess we can't be of much help here.. " I knew someone would mention :P inevitable.
Anyway I know I haven't because then I wouldn't've been stuck. But I thougnt maybe it's a bug or maybe there's something I've missed before I should be able to solve thispuzzle.
The two pumps on the left side say 'kling' exactly at the same time, which meens there's only one 'kling'. On the other side though, there're two 'klings' but they 'kling' almost at the same time. It's like 0,2 sec between them and I can't seem to get much closer.

"with an equal amount of time between the pumping of the left side and the right side"
I thought about that too and spent quite a time to make it equal but I turned the idea down 'cause I was sure it was something I had to do before taking on this problem. But now when u say it's considerable, I'll just try some more
One more thing - when u say I have to make sure Glottis is climbing up the tree, u meen when he climbs up when Manny pulls the lever?
Just making sure I haven't missed some other Glottis-climbing-trees-thing.
Thanks for the quick answer btw
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