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She looked at him nodding.

A mass of chakra began to form by her side as it began to take the silvery shape of a wolf with 13 tails and glowing blue eyes. The wolf stared at Naruto before saying in it's own demonically feminine voice "Quite Weakling." referring to what Kyuubi had just said.

Sayomi looked at her as a smile formed on her face she said "Syuubi, it's rare to see you out, what is the occasion?"

Syuubi looked up at Sayomi, the face she portrayed was infallible and blank as she stated "I heard Kyuubi speak and I figured I should come out if there was going to be trouble with the little weakling, Naruto seems to have dealt with it very fittingly though."

Sayomi looked down at Syuubi then up at Naruto "I'm sorry, I forgot to mention, this is my Bijuu Syuubi."

She looked back up at Naruto and said "I need to start looking the remaining Akatsuki. Please, is there anyway you could help me with this?"

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