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Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
Nothing resulted, and it wasn't much of a mess, in short, the US (and countries afraid of pissing off the US) have so much power that sanctions are next to impossible.
Now, would you kindly adress the points in my first post? I'd like to know what good you think the "Buy American part" of the bill (or a revolution for that matter) would do.
I needed some time to make this clear -

My apology for the delay, but the forum timed me out. I was writing a reply to your question, and the forum said I was too idle for too long.

Buying America in general is important, so we can create domestic innovation, jobs, and exports. Domestic innovation is important for security reasons. Our military needs modernized ways to effectively fend off terrorists, communists, and other threats. Foreign companies who create American military products can easily sell our secrets to other countries. We are also concerned about relying on foreign oil. Creating new domestic means for resources can help sustain the environment and our military might. Our resources will no longer be held hostage by foreign countries who disagree with our policies. We will also make a whole new job sector based upon innovating transportation technologies. Communication and science innovation can also go towards our space and medical race. We are currently falling behind in science and mathematics; thus; investing in American companies can create an atmosphere of temptation. Foreigners are currently coming to the United States for education, and then they are gong back to innovate their own countries. We can get them to stay here instead. Why should we not compete to keep them here? We can show them it is more rewarding to stay here than to go home. Blue collar jobs are our biggest export. We need the government to invest in rebuilding our agricultural and industrial sectors, so we can create jobs for the American people. We don’t have jobs for the average Jane and John Doe. People working in the production department of transportation sectors are loosing their jobs to low paid foreigners. We need to reward companies for staying American, and raise taxes on foreign companies who don’t promote American.

I’m not sure if anyone knows this – We currently have domestic electric companies being controlled by China; thus, turning them into a foreign based company. I think that is alarming.

We also have local state capitals opening up offices in China, India, and Japan. Local governments have become international lobbyists. Where did that come from? Government officials don’t believe in the American way of life; thus, they go to other countries to gain revenue. I don’t call that patriotic. Do you?

We might as well just call our country – The United International States of America.

Our new word for the next century is sustainability. It should be self-sustainability. I know the internet makes a borderless world; however, the reality is that it is a bordered world. United States is an island with borders, and they need to be enforced by investing in ourselves. Your other choice is to become a third-world country. Buy American or become the next Roman Empire. Complacency is death.


I wrote this post thinking that I'm talking to an all American audience. I know I'm not.
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