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Originally Posted by Yar-El View Post
Buying America in general is important, so we can create domestic innovation, jobs, and exports.
Not always, but you're right on some parts.
Domestic innovation is important for security reasons. Our military needs modernized ways to effectively fend off terrorists, communists, and other threats.
The US military has plenty of enough advanced weaponry to destroy the world several times over in several minutes. There's no need for more weapons to commit even more senseless violence.

Oh, and communists? Communists??? Please...
Foreign companies who create American military products can easily sell our secrets to other countries.
Yes, they've been doing that for years. Heckler & Koch sells weapons to nearly every country in the world, and no one in the US has ever given a damn.
Our resources will no longer be held hostage by foreign countries who disagree with our policies.
Of course, the US has always had a wonderful policy invading other countries who have different ideals. Cuba, Colombia, Iran, etc. have all been targets of US "intervention", they've always ended up with brutal dictators who were eventually removed by revolutionaries.
We will also make a whole new job sector based upon innovating transportation technologies. Communication and science innovation can also go towards our space and medical race. We are currently falling behind in science and mathematics; thus; investing in American companies can create an atmosphere of temptation.
No, I believe that the education system needs to completely gutted and then reformed to actually promote a higher education system.
Foreigners are currently coming to the United States for education, and then they are gong back to innovate their own countries. We can get them to stay here instead.
How? You can't make them do anything.
We don’t have jobs for the average Jane and John Doe.
BS to the maxxx. There are thousands of jobs that people would be willing to do, if not those businesses who going bankrupt.
People working in the production department of transportation sectors are loosing their jobs to low paid foreigners.
Wait, do you mean immigrants? I'd question that in a heartbeat.
We need to reward companies for staying American, and raise taxes on foreign companies who don’t promote American.
That won't do a thing, they'll just move somewhere, further screwing the American economy.
I’m not sure if anyone knows this – We currently have domestic electric companies being controlled by China; thus, turning them into a foreign based company. I think that is alarming.
We also have local state capitals opening up offices in China, India, and Japan. Local governments have become international lobbyists. Where did that come from? Government officials don’t believe in the American way of life; thus, they go to other countries to gain revenue. I don’t call that patriotic. Do you?
The government has little to do with this; it's all about the corporations. The government can be blamed for doing nothing about it. And the term "patriotic" is so overused.
Our new word for the next century is sustainability. It should be self-sustainability. I know the internet makes a borderless world; however, the reality is that it is a bordered world. United States is an island with borders, and they need to be enforced by investing in ourselves.
If you're trying to promote pre-WWI isolationism, then you're waaaay too late to start that now.
Buy American or become the next Roman Empire. Complacency is death.
So it's an ultimatum? Buy American or prepare to be invaded.

Oh, and I'd rather live in Rome than America; at least they were economically stable.
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