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Domestic innovation is important for security reasons.
I asume you are just talking about the military here?

Foreign companies who create American military products can easily sell our secrets to other countries.
And domestic ones can't? Besides, what qualify as an American company? Does it have to have all operations based in the US?

We are also concerned about relying on foreign oil. Creating new domestic means for resources can help sustain the environment and our military might.
All nice and good, however this technology would be far easier and cheaper to get if it was done by investing in the most promissing ones allready being researched, no matter their nationality.

We will also make a whole new job sector based upon innovating transportation technologies. Communication and science innovation can also go towards our space and medical race.
And who is going to pay for theese new jobs, the goverment? Anyway, I'm not really sure I get what you have in mind, is it a simple expanding of government funded research?

We are currently falling behind in science and mathematics; thus; investing in American companies can create an atmosphere of temptation.
Investing in American companies just because they are American gives those companies less of an incentive to be as efective as possible, while at the same time pushing other countries to adopt their own protectionist measures. You are familiar with the protectionist spiral, right?

Foreigners are currently coming to the United States for education, and then they are gong back to innovate their own countries.
After paying a lot of money, which alows Americans to get the same education cheaper.

We can get them to stay here instead. Why should we not compete to keep them here? We can show them it is more rewarding to stay here than to go home.
You allready are, trust me, most of those interested in good money stay. However there will always be someone who wish to return home for reasons such as: wishing to help their country, seeking a career in politics etc.

We need the government to invest in rebuilding our agricultural
It's allready heavily subsidised, why would you rebuild something that's working the way you seem to want it to?

and industrial sectors so we can create jobs for the American people. We don’t have jobs for the average Jane and John Doe. People working in the production department of transportation sectors are loosing their jobs to low paid foreigners. We need to reward companies for staying American, and raise taxes on foreign companies who don’t promote American.
A global economy means each country specialize in what they have a comparative advantage in, the US have a highly skilled workforce, so using them to manufacture cheap goods seem like a huge waste. In adition, do you honestly think people would be willing to pay many times more for products just because they are made in the US? Besides, by favoring domestic firms you are reducing competition by a fair bit, and along with it, inovation and eficency, which means that in the end the US is likely to fall behind in technology in the areas protected. Lastly, this would definetly trigger the protectionist tailspin, which would mean a change from rescession to depression.

It should be self-sustainability. I know the internet makes a borderless world; however, the reality is that it is a bordered world. United States is an island with borders, and they need to be enforced by investing in ourselves. Your other choice is to become a third-world country.
Would you mind listing some of those wonderfull and successfull self suficent countries?
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