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Gantral sat back in her chair and watched her target carefully

I still can't believe he came to Gamorr, he had his choice of any resort planet in the galaxy and he came to Gamorr.

Gantral took a last look at the datapad

This one is a tricky one...He's already killed the last five hunters sent after him

Gantral watched as her target, A twi'lek male, role the dice on the table yet again

It's a shame really, he looks quite at peace with himself, Well, he should have thought about that before he raided that weapons cache.

Gantral watched the Twi'lek through her HUD and smiled to herself as he settled back into the arms of one of his female companions

Awwww...That girl is gonna hate me for what I'm going to do to her source of income for the night. Still...I can't leave a girl like that with nothing for the night

She watched as he closed his eyes and raised his hands in a gesture of victory as he rolled a perfect score

And in that instant, Gantral whipped out her blaster pistol and blew a hole through his stomach.

The Twi'lek male looked down at the hole in his stomach and then fell over the side of the table.

Well...there's fifteen thousand credits for my bank account.

Gantral slowly got up and walked over to the table where the dead Twi'lek laid on the floor, already, a few people were starting to edge close to the body, hoping to maybe get at any credit chips he had on him.

"Move aside. And you will not be harmed."

Many of the patrons scurried away at the sight of a Mandalorian encased in battle-worn Turquoise armor. the Twi'lek woman however did not.

"I said to move aside. I need proof that he's dead."

"He was my mark for the night. You took away my payment."

Gantral pulled out a thousand credit chip and tossed it to the Twi'lek woman.

"That is much more then you would have gotten if he had stayed alive, now move."

The Twi'lek woman nodded her thanks and walked away from the body rather quickly.

Gantral knelt down and fished around in the Twi'leks pockets until she found what she was looking for.

Excellent...I have his ID, I have his death recorded. Time for the next job

Gantral slowly walked out of the Cantina and into the Cool Gamorr night
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