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Originally Posted by Litofsky View Post
The point being is that he is neither physically or mentally mature enough in order to take care of a child, in my opinion, and nor should he attempt to.
This isn't entirely true. While I agree that this is ridiculous, and this much responsibility should by no means fall to someone so young (it is the literal end of your individual life to have a child as a teenager), that doesn't mean that he may not be able to meet the challenge. Everyone has varying levels of maturity at varying ages, and while I have no idea what kind of person this kid is, he might have what it takes to take care of a child at his age. My mother was 9 years old, and taking care of her 5 younger sisters, from newborn to 5 years old, because her older sister was married and gone, and her mother was a lush, leaving only her elderly grandmother who couldn't keep up with that many kids by herself. She was literally their mother for most of her childhood, simply because she had to be.

Attaching maturity and responsibility to age just doesn't work. I know a lot of people that are 20-30 years of age that aren't mature or responsible enough to take care of a goldfish, let alone a child. If he wants to give it a shot, while I think it is awful that he has to decide such a thing, he's stuck in the rut, so let him try. The probability is against him for having the needed character to do it, but we simply don't know for certain whether or not he does.
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