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Originally Posted by igyman View Post
I second that question. To me a forum veteran means someone who's been here a certain amount of time and has experience when it comes to behaving properly on these forums.
More or less, in my opinion. Someone who's been around for quite a while, knows the place and who people know about/recognize. I.e. a veteran community member who's been proven to stick around and not just pop by for a while and ask some game related questions or something.

That's my take on it at least. The reason why nobody has given you any clear set of guidelines is because none exist so far. This feature is pretty new so everything hasn't been nailed down yet and badges handed out so far has been what individual moderators have thought of.

Also, keep in mind that currently all badges have to be assigned manually by a moderator, so it might take some time for everyone who's retroactively deserving of a particular badge to end up with it (use the recommendation thread if you think someone has been overlooked to help the moderators along with this). Hopefully these things will be settled in time.

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