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Originally Posted by Astor Kaine View Post
I don't think that a shortage in Chocolate could incite mass riots. Petrol or Bread, maybe, but not Chocolate.

Why? It's not that important to most people - it's certainly a big selling product, but not addictive enough to cause rioting. Although, I don't know how important chocolate is to Americans, but it certainly wouldn't cause riots in the UK - it's more of a luxury than an essential.

It's a nice treat, but i'm not going to go and petrol bomb a corner shop 'cause they don't have any.
Well said.

As for America, it depends I guess. Addictions to the weirdest things do exist here. Addictions to things which I am not sure need treatments but still get them anyway. Perhaps it is over-medication then? --And chocolate could be a symptom of a larger problem?

Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
You want a potential crisis? Try substituting the words "cocaine" or "opium" or even "marijuana" for the word "chocolate" in the OP.
Perhaps laced chocolate in those cases then?

Interesting. OK, I can see where that is going. I am tempted to change it... Perhaps I add junk foods in the mix too?

Substance and alchohol addictions are considerable. Perhaps I just leave this and start another thread.

Individuals who are addicted to something, and yet worse off without their vice and will make life a living hell for everyone else...well it's a tough call whether or not to spend yourself even bothering with their rehab if those people don't care. --I faced this all the time in recent years. Still do sometimes.

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