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Before we continue make sure you're color is set to white:
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Now in your Layers palette, you should see 2 other Tabs: Paths and Channels.
Now I've dragged out Channels, as I like to have that seperate. So don't worry if my screenshots look a bit differant

Go to the Paths tab. You'll find that path we just drew, right click on it and pick Stroke Path.
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Another window comes up, set it to brush and hit OK.
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Here's my result, the Brush nicely followed our little path, no need to this kind of thing by hand

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Nearly done, but we need to clean this up a bit.
Go back to Path palette and right click, this time pick Make Selection.
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Paths are real handy to make good selections. I'll show more of them later on, as they can be a bit tricky to get used to. Mainly on the curve part.

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