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Originally Posted by Adavardes View Post
My solution to that is don't make a list that you know is going to upset a large majority of people so that you can have a circle-jerk with your friends on a forum.
(Assuming "you" in the broad sense referring to everyone. I have no involvement in the thread in question; though my name is being mentioned in there it's not like I can stop anyone from doing that.)

I fail to see what is so upsetting about someone posting what essentially amounts to the cast list for a silly role playing thread they've created that has no bearing on anything else. What is the problem, really? Your name wasn't even mentioned in that thread before you posted, so how would their game affect you?

So far I'm not seeing a large majority, but a rather vocal minority, complain about something a group of members are doing for their own fun. If someone could clarify what the problem is I'd appreciate it.

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