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Originally Posted by Pavlos View Post
Inspired by the "What are you listening to right now?" thread, let's see what people are up to in the world of letters.
Great Idea! I've tried reading Dickens, but i've never been able to get very far into any of the ones i've tried so far.

I'm currently reading Man of Honour, by Iain Gale (hardback, with LARGE print). It's about a young Lieutenant in The War of the Spanish Succession who is given a mission by the Duke of Marlborough that, if unsuccessful, could destroy both him and his army.

I'm not sure if I like it to be honest. It's fairly wooden, and while reasonably accurate, some errors are unforgivable for a writer of military fiction (it references the Land Pattern Musket, for instance, which wasn't invented until the 1720s, and this set before the Battle of Blenheim, in 1704).

Other than that, it's a reasonable read. But I think i'll stick to Cornwell in future.
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